icon Plot

An angry witch turns a Charming Prince into a disgusting beast because he was too angry, rude, and narcissist. To remove the spell from the castle, servants and himself, prince Adam must learn how to be kind, how to love, and be loved. It must be done before the last leaf falls from a rose given by the witch. At the same time in a faraway village lives a beautiful girl named Belle. One day, Belle’s father Morris is lost on his way to a fair. It turns out Morris is captured by the Beast in his charmed castle. Belle rushes to rescue her father. She offers the castle owner to take herself captured instead of her father. The Beast agrees with the term that she stays in his castle forever.

iconCreating the idea

Walt Disney Studios started working under screening the Broadway musical Beauty and the Beast in 2009. In his interview to Den of Geek, the musician Alan Menken said that the project was stopped later. It is worth to be mentioned that the Forever-Rose became a main symbol of the movie while it was creating. The Rose was made in France and represented a copy of the movie rose. It is a stable rose under a dome with a five-year lifetime. The stable rose is a natural flower, which is embalmed by a special technique.